Nowadays it is rare to think of an internet installation without a wireless (Wi-Fi) hotspot. In the beginning internet was simply supplied via an Ethernet network cable that plug in to any personal computer (and still do nowadays). The norm today is for clients to connect to the internet wirelessly. This is achieved by installing a wireless access point (WAP).

The coverage area created by these devices is dependent on the output power, which is a function of the cost. Physical factors like walls (and the thickness of them), trees, double story houses, etc. can adversely affect their range and throughput. For this there is no general rule or guideline as to what to the coverage would be like. The only way is by trial and error. These units can however be chained together to create greater coverage.

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WiFi interface

A common practice today also involves supplying internet to guests of guest houses, restaurants and public places. Two different models exist here 1) the host can decide to give internet to the guests free of charge or 2) it can be revenue driven. Either way, access to this resource (the internet) need to be controlled, otherwise you would open yourself up for abuse.

The most effective way of achieving this is to use the Mikrotik Wifi controller. When a guest wants to go on to the internet, he would be prompted for a password to continue. The password is in the form of a voucher that is either 1) time based or 2) usage based. Either way there is a simple web interface for the client to print these vouchers in advance or in real time to give to the guests.

Wifi Device (WAP)
Cost Excluding VAT @ 14%

Totolink High Powered Router

R1100.00 (excl vat)

Unifi Long Range Hotspot

R1580.00 (excl vat)

Mikrotik Hap Lite

R400.00 (excl vat)


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